Individual Needs

Little Poppets recognises and celebrates children’s individuality and welcomes children with additional or special needs. Our dedicated team have a wealth of both personal and professional experience to support you on your journey and ensure your ‘little poppet’ achieves their individual and unique full potential. From time to time we may seek the support of specialists in a variety of fields such as speech and language to ensure your child is receiving the very best support available and of course we value your own unique specialism on your child to enhance and compliment their learning journey. We are fully prepared and committed to ensuring all of our children are able to access all areas of our curriculum and in doing so we will endeavour to explore all of the options available to us in collaboration with the child, their parents, staff and other professionals.

At Little Poppets Nursery we recognise the intrinsic value of the knowledge you have built up with regards to your child’s development, growth and unique special qualities; we aim to work alongside you and compliment their package of care to ensure that every child reaches their full potential.

Each child at Little Poppets Nursery is allocated a key person. This is you and your child’s special member of staff who will be responsible for developing those strong bonds and special links to support your little poppets care and learning experiences. As the manager of our setting I am always available for a chat if you feel you need to discuss things in more detail with regards to your child’s care and education package. It is important that you feel able to share any concerns with us no matter how small so that we able to respond to them quickly and resolve any potential worries.