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Stay ‘n’ play…

nursery rhymes

Don’t forget our stay and play session tomorrow (Wednesday 9th April 10.00 – 11.30). We’d love to see you and your little poppets. Come and stay and play for a while in our beautiful nursery. Tomorrows session will be all about nursery rhymes, come and explore the nursery rhyme sack and sing along with your little ones – its lots of fun – I promise!!!

Rosie the rabbit…


Rosie has been getting very familiar with our ‘Little’ room today and has been making lots of new friends. The ‘little poppets’ in there today have been fascinated as she has hopped about entertaining them.

Derek the rabbit?

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Open day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DON’T FORGET… to come along and see our beautiful setting tomorrow (Saturday 8th February between 3.00pm & 6.00pm). This beautiful building has been transformed into an outstanding setting. Come along and see for yourself – you will not be disappointed!! We’re looking forward to seeing you.

Open Day!!

Little Poppets is having an Open Day on Saturday 8th February to celebrate our journey so far and make it all official. Join us for ‘Cocktails & canapés’ between 3.00pm and 6.00pm. Everyone welcome!

What a great day!

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