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Rosie the rabbit…


Rosie has been getting very familiar with our ‘Little’ room today and has been making lots of new friends. The ‘little poppets’ in there today have been fascinated as she has hopped about entertaining them.

Derek the rabbit?

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Spring is here…

What a fantastic week – we had pancakes from a saucepan!! That’s improvisation for you. The children have been outside planting wild flowers and today one of our lovely parents brought in three baby lambs for the children to bottle feed. It was so lovely!! Thank you.


Out and about!!

Our ‘Little Poppets’ looked great in their high visibility jackets on Friday as they walked up to visit the library. Keep a look out for us out and about the town – It’ll be hard to miss us now – bright yellow jackets with ‘Little Poppets’ written on the back. Our BIG ‘Poppets’ (staff) looked great too…