Monthly Archives: October 2013

Day 6

Oh my gosh……. you will not be disappointed! It is looking soooooooo amazing. The staff are working so hard and guys finishing off are truly wonderful! The floor is being sanded in the pre-school room tomorrow, can’t wait to see it…

Day 9

Well -we’re into single figures now! Wait until you see the the vinyl print in the window – looks fab!!!! Last shopping weekend and I have got some beautiful things for our Nursery. I must say thank you to Petes Cafe in Ellesmere who very kindly gave us some baking tins and very interesting, alternative squirters!

Day 10

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Day 13

Wow! – our sign has gone up and looks so good. The blinds arrived today and I do believe the kitchen is finished. The slabs have got to come up that had been laid outside but it will be fine. Positive thoughts everyone – it will be done!! (she says???)

Day 13

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Day 18 (already!!!)

So sorry I missed our catch up yesterday but everything and anything had a problem – arghhhh!!! All sorted now though (I think!) and back on track. The reception/office has had a tidy up, windows cleaned and the carpets in – almost ready to meet and greet lots of new families. What will tomorrow bring??

Day 20

Shopping, shopping, shopping!!!! Really pretty lights for our baby room, washing machine and tumble dryer, dotty plates and a camera all ready to go! There are just not enough hours in the day at the moment – good job the lights have been switched on to help us out a little. x